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Glen "Mike" Wilson Porter

(03/26/1924 - 08/05/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/11/1949

Mike Porter Killed in Auto Crash Friday Night; Driver to Face Charges

Glen W. (Mike) Porter, 25, was instantly killed Friday night about 10:00 o'clock when the car in which he was riding failed to complete the turn on Highway 85 at the north end of the Lusk Main Street and crashed.

Meanwhile, Myron Seaman, 21, driver of the car who is in the Spencer Hospital with a chipped vertebra, will be charged with Porter's death, according to County Attorney William G. Watt, though specific charges have not yet been filed.

A coroner's jury Saturday placed the blame with Seaman stating that he was driving under the "influence of intoxicating liquor and in a reckless manner." The jury also pointed out that Seaman was traveling at an excessive rate of speed within a 25-mile zone.

A third passenger in the car, Donald Myrup, 18, was unhurt, but it was stated at the coroner's inquest that all three had been drinking beer at two local bars.

The car that took Porter to his death came into town from the north, though Seaman told officers he did not remember when he had turned around after going north. Testimony at the inquest was to the effect that the car had been seen speeding about Lusk before the accident.

Leaving the road in almost a straight line in front of the North Side Service Station, the coupe plunged off the highway at the intersection with the cemetery road, jumped 43 feet over the barrow pit, took out a guy wire of an electric line pole, hit a Lusk Cabin Camp sign and after apparently turning over several times came to rest on its wheels facing west.

Though the crash was seen by at least two persons, Bud Owens and Alfred Taylor, so much dust was thrown up that they were not able to tell just what happened. Owens and Taylor were just at the entrance of the North Side Cafe, and were the first to reach the scene of the crash.

Porter lay beside the car, Seaman 29 feet beyond, and Myrup came walking toward Owens and Taylor.

In all the death car traveled 260 feet from the time it began leaving the road instead of taking the curve. Ironically a highway "stop" sign was taken out in the process. While it was rumored that a blowout may have caused the accident, Patrolman Jordan testified at the inquest that there was no indication that a tire was flat. The car traveled in almost a straight line instead of making the curve.

No sooner had the accident occurred than crowds began congregating, and officers were fearful that some vehicle would plow
into the crowd. It was with some effort that traffic was restored though the crowd stayed until after midnight.

The coroner's jury was composed of W.W. Edmundson, Ed Rumney, and Clyde Hampton, Sr.

Services Held for Glen Porter Mon.

Funeral services for Glen Wilson Porter, 25, who came to his death in an automobile accident in Lusk Aug. 5, were held at the Peet Chapel on Monday afternoon, August 8.

Rev. Lawrence P. Juell, pastor of the Congregational Church, officiated at the service with O.E. Maxfield singing "In the Garden," accompanied by Mrs. Judson P. Watson at the chapel organ.

The casket bearers were former schoolmates of Mr. Porter when he attended the Van Tassell school, all veterans of World War II. They were Richard, Leslie and Walter, Jr., Schnorenberg, Harold Roberts, William, Jr., and Richard Ladwig. Interment was made in the Lusk Cemetery where military honors were conferred by members of the National Guard.

Glen Wilson Porter was born March 26, 1924at Sidney, Nebr., the second son of Ford and Mildred Porter. When 2 years of age he moved with his parents to Mitchell, Nebr. where the family resided until the death of his mother on September 18, 1926 at which time the paternal grandmother, the late Mrs. Annie Porter, came to make her home with them and care for the children.

In 1929 the family moved again, this time coming to Wyoming and Glen received his education in the public schools of Van Tassell and Lusk.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army on January 14, 1943 and served in the Medical Corps while stationed at Fort Sill, Okla., during World War II. He completed his first period of enlistment on November 19, 1945 and reenlisted the following day for a period of two years. Most of the time was spent in the Army of occupation in Japan. He returned to the United States, in December of 1946 and reenlisted in March of 1947 for another year, which time was spent in the Army of occupation in Korea. He received his final discharge after six years of service, on December 10, 1948, at which time he returned to Wyoming.

Since then he has spent his time in Green River. Wyo., where he was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad and in Lusk where he was engaged in ranch work.

Surviving him are his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Ford Porter of this city, one sister, Mrs. Ray Burd of Willow Island, Nebr., and two brothers, Earl Porter and Carl Porter, both of Lusk and one foster brother, John Porter also of Lusk, besides many nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends.

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