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Thomas Chester Golden

(01/28/1949 - 01/28/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/10/1949

Two Relatives of Hugh Golden Die Past Week

Death struck twice in the family of Hugh Golden of Lusk during the last week of January.

A brother, Victor A. Golden of Crawford, Nebr. died at the Marsh Hotel in that city January 25 after several days illness.

Mrs. Harry Golden, 25, wife of a nephew of Crawford, Nebr., passed away Friday, January 28, in the Municipal Hospital of Chadron. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Woodruff of Harrison, Nebr., and had given birth prematurely to a son on Jan. 27. Mother and baby were buried at Crawford Feb. 3 and as she had served in the Waves during the war, she was accorded military honors at the grave.

Funeral services for Victor A. Golden were conducted from the Houston Funeral Home of Crawford on Jan. 29.

Hugh Golden attended both services.

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Information from the Harrison Museum Files

The sudden death of Mrs. Harry Golden of Crawford came as a severe shock to her parents and many friends here.

Mrs. Golden gave birth to a stillborn son early Friday morning. Complications followed the birth of the infant and little hope was held for the mother's life. Everything possible was administered by the doctors, but to no avail. She died that evening at seven o'clock.

Funeral services were conducted for the mother and son, Thomas Chester, at the Crawford Methodist church Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. L. W. Bratt, pastor of the church offered prayer and read several passages of scripture. Rev. Bratt baptized Mrs. Golden when he was pastor of the Harrison Methodist church.

Rev. E. C. Newland, pastor of the Congregational church of Crawford in charge of the services, spoke most consoling words to the bereaved. He called attention to the high esteem in which the deceased was held, evidenced by the embankment of floral tributes, manifesting their love for her.

Burial was in the Golden lot at the Crawford cemetery with military services.

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