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Eugene A. Dryer

(07/18/1882 - 02/21/1945)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/22/1945

Gene Dryer Dies In Sleep Wednesday

Gene Dryer, 62, was found dead in bed Wednesday morning by members of his brother's family, the Orval Dryers, with whom he made his home.

The Dryers reside on a ranch 14 miles east of Hat Creek and are long time residents of Wyoming. Gene had never married and of late years had lived with his brother's family. When he did not appear for breakfast as usual, an investigation was made and his lifeless body was discovered in the bed.

He had suffered from a chronic ailment and it is presumed that he died from a blood clot.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete awaiting the arrival of a brother from Detroit and word from a nephew in the service.

The Lusk Herald
March 1, 1945
Last Rites Held For Eugene Dryer

Last rites for Eugene Dryer were conducted from the Peet chapel on Monday, with Rev. Lawrence P. Juell, pastor of the Congregational Church, officiating.

Music was furnished by a quartette composed of O.P. Harnagel, George Gibson, Mrs. Patricia Zerwer and Mrs. H. J. Templeton, with Mrs. J. P. Watson presiding at the instrument. The songs sung were "Old Rugged Cross" and "going Down the Valley."

The casket bearers were Clarence Pinkerton, Dale Quick, Julian Guthrie and three nephews, Billy Dryer, Orval Dryer and Frank Dryer.

The remains were laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery.

Eugene Dryer was born at O'Neil, Holt County, Nebraska, on July 18, 1882, the son of William and Libbie Dryer.

In the spring of 1886 he moved with his folks to Manville, Wyo., where they built the third home to be built in Manville. Several years later he accompanied his parents when they moved to Ardmore, South Dakota, and there engaged in the ranching business. Then in 1929 he moved back to Wyoming, making his home in the Whitman community.

Although he never married, he was a devoted son, brother and uncle. He spent many years making a home for and caring for the comfort of his widowed mother, who passed away in May, 1941. In 1943, after having the misfortune of seeing this home destroyed by fire he went to California. There he made his home with a nephew and contributed his bit to the war effort by working in the ship yards, despite his failing health. He returned in May of 1944 to Wyoming, where he spent the few remaining months of his life at the home of his brother, Orval Dryer.

He died in his sleep and the discovery was made Wednesday morning of last week when he failed to appear for his breakfast.

No inquest was held, as Coroner Peet felt it was only too apparent that death was the result of natural causes.

He had been afflicted since 1930 with diabetes, which kept him in slowly failing health, and finally contributed largely to his death. He passed away at the home of his brother, February 21, 1945, at the age of 62 years, 7 months and 3 days. He is survived by two brothers, Orval of Whitman and Omar of Detroit, Mich; one half-sister, Mrs. Minnie Pinkerton of Manville; several nieces and nephews, and a host of friends. He was preceded in death by his father in December, 1901; his mother, in February, 1879; and another brother, Frank W., in March of 1927.

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