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William "Jake" Jacob Jenne

(09/16/1941 - 05/28/1950)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/01/1950

Boy Killed Shooting Into Dynamite Box

William Jacob Jenne, 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenne of Douglas, was fatally injured at the William Rankin ranch 28 miles north of Lance Creek Sunday when he shot a .22 into a box of dynamite and it exploded.

Mr. Rankin is the father of Mrs. Jenne and the family had gone to the ranch for the day. Shortly after arriving, about 10:30, the younger boy asked his 11-year-old brother to go out shooting with him, but the older boy did not go.

The dynamite was said to have been left about 200 yards from the ranch house by a seismograph crew and buried slightly on the side of a hill. It was reported that rains had apparently uncovered the 50-lb. box.

The little boy was hurled some distance and nearly every stitch of clothing was torn from him. He regained consciousness and said he had shot at a knot hole in the box.

Rushed to the Lusk hospital he died shortly after arriving while under the anesthetic.

Every window in the Rankin ranch house was broken and the explosion was heard for many miles.

Funeral services were held at Douglas from the Methodist Church Monday afternoon with Rev. Thomas Hurley officiating.

"Jake" Jenne, as he was known, was born in Douglas Sept. 16, 1941, and had just completed the second grade at North Grade School.

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