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Tim Eric Riley

(11/30/-0001 - 02/09/1951)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/22/1951

Grandson of Local People Killed With Gun

Tim Eric, three and a half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riley, formerly of Lusk but now of Hopkins, Mo., was accidentally shot to death Feb. 9 at his home.

The 22 caliber gun with which the child was shot is reported to have had no trigger or magazine and was considered harmless, but somehow a youngster got hold of a live cartridge and put it in the weapon. The gun was accidentally discharged while several children were playing with it and the shell struck the boy in the heart, killing him instantly.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Riley of Lusk are the paternal grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stallman of Lingle, Wyo., the maternal grandparents. Mrs. Riley left here the day the family received word of the tragedy and returned to Lusk the past Friday.

This is the second tragedy to occur in the Ray Riley family in the past 14 months, as another son, five year old Joe, was burned to death in a fire at the family home in Dec. 1949.

Surviving besides the parents and four grandparents are three brothers, Michael, Pat and Danny and two sisters, Lana and Gail.

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