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Anna Henrietta Johanna Klemke

(09/21/1900 - 03/20/1929)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/21/1929

Mrs. H. Kelmke Dies Suddenly at Lusk Hospital

Mrs. Annie Klemke, age 29 years, passed away at the Lusk hospital Wednesday afternoon, March 20, 1929 at 1:15 a.m. death was caused by complications following childbirth.

The deceased was the wife of Henry Klemke, and they resided on a ranch about four miles northwest of Lusk.

Besides her husband she leaves a little five-day old baby girl.

The remains are in the Midwest mortuary but the funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. The obituary will be published in The Herald next week.

The Lusk Herald
March 28, 1929
Last Rites For Mrs. H. Klemke

The funeral of Mrs. Henry Klemke, whose untimely death occurred in Lusk last week, was held Sunday afternoon, with interment in the Lusk cemetery. Private services were held at the Midwest funeral parlors, with Rev. Herman of Crawford, Lutheran minister in charge, and public services at the Community Hall.

Many relatives and friends from out of town were present, and the funeral was one of the largest in Lusk in many years, which attested to the esteem in which deceased was held.

The pallbearers were Glen Cates, Paul McConaughey, Bob Himes, Boyd Minter, Albert Meir and Edward Kinsella.

Anna Henrietta Johanna Reimann was born at Hemington, Neb., on September 21, 1900, and when a few months old moved to Ashton, Idaho, with her parents, where she grew to womanhood. She married Bernard Henry Klemke on July 2, 1925, and moved to Lusk, Wyo., where Mr. Klemke had taken up a homestead on Indian Creek. She is survived by her husband and her infant daughter, Phillis Anna of Lusk; and her mother, Catherine Reimann; two sisters, Mary and Lydia; and seven brothers, Carl, Otto, Henry, Fred, Joseph, Daniel and Walter, all living in Ashton, and Mary, who lives in Boise, Idaho.

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