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Lewis Max Combs

(02/11/1928 - 07/11/1929)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/18/1929

Little Combs Baby Loses Life in Well

Little Lewis Max Combs, 17-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Combs, was accidentally drowned, or killed in a fall, last Thursday afternoon, when he fell into an old abandoned well, on the place of Mrs. Eric Goebel, near the old refinery, north of town.

The little boy's parents had gone to the Goebel home in the afternoon taking their two children with them. While Mrs. Combs was in the house visiting with Mrs. Goebel, and Mr. Combs was milking a cow, the little fellow wandered off to play.

The well in which he lost his life had been abandoned for some time. It had been bricked up and covered with 2x8 boards. One of the boards, in which the nail had been rusted, had slipped, and it is believed the little boy stepped on this loose board. The board evidently flew up and hit him in the forehead, knocking him unconscious, and he fell in the well.

A bruised place was found on his forehead, and as there was no water found in his lungs, it is concluded that he died before his body struck the water.

When found by Mr. Combs, the body was floating on top of the water, and life had been extinct for about twenty minutes.

When the child was missed the father immediately started to hunt him. When he came up to the old well, he saw the little body floating on top of the water, and immediatly plunged down. There was about 20 feet of water in the well, and it is about 20 feet from the top to the water. Mr. Combs luckily alighted on a beam across the well, and recovered the body at once.

Sheriff Hassed and Coroner Earl Peet investigated the accident and decided there was no need of an inquest.

Funeral services were held on Friday afternoon, with interment at the Lusk cemetery, where Mr. Combs is sexton, with Rev. B. F. Farrar of the First Baptist Church officiating.

The pallbearers were Donald Peet, Robert Pool, Robert Vollmer and Clark Kuhn.

Lewis Max Combs was born at Mitchell, Neb., on February 11, 1928, and came with his parents to Lusk last year. Besides his parents he is survived by a little brother, Frank, Jr., aged 6, and one sister, Nadeen, 3 years old.


Lewis Max Combs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Combs of Lusk, was born at Mitchell, Neb., February 11, 1928. He came with his parents to Lusk last year. On the day he was 17 months old, while playing about on the Goebel place, he fell in an old unused well. The accident instantly was fatal and he passed away the evening of July 11, 1929.

Besides the parents he left a little brother, Frank, Jr., aged 6, and one sister, Nadeen, 3 years old.

Tho so brief his stay here, he has not lived in vain.

"God called our loved ones, but we lose not wholly
What He has given.
They live on earth, in thought and deed, as truly
As in His Heaven."

"One less at Home!
The charmed circle broken; a dear face
Missed day by day from its accustomed place;
But there safe flooded in His arms of grace,
One more in Heaven.

One more at home!
That home where separation cannot be;
That home whence none is missed eternally!
Lord Jesus grant us all a place with Thee,
At Home in Heaven!

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