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Florence W. Goddard

(11/30/-0001 - 01/17/1927)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/20/1927

Mrs. D. E. Goddard Dies at Long Beach, Calif. After Lingering Illness

Friends and relatives here received word from D. E. Goddard in Long Beach, Calif., stating that Mrs. Goddard had passed away on Monday, January 17th. Definite word as to interment has not been received but it is believed from letters received by friends just previous to her passing and after the doctors had given up all hope, that interment will be made in California.

The Lusk Herald
March 3, 1927
D.E. Goddard at Home Again After Sad Trip to Coast

D. E. Goddard returned to Lusk Monday evening of this week. He was called to Long Beach, Calif., on December 2nd by the serious illness of Mrs. Goddard. As she was suffering from a cancer which had already gotten in its destructive work, no hope was entertained for her recovery and she passed away on January 17th.

Services were held at St. Matthews Church in Long Beach and the remains laid to rest in a crypt in the beautiful Sunnyside mausoleum.

Robert, who accompanied his father home, had been attending Jefferson junior high in Long Beach. He, on Wednesday of this week, took up his studies in the Lusk school.

The daughter, Miss Florence, remained in California to complete the term at the Woodrow Wilson high school from which she expects to graduate in June of this year, when she will also return to Lusk.

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