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Mary Elizabeth Updike

(09/18/1883 - 09/14/1929)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/19/1929

Mrs. H. Updike Dies Suddenly At Newcastle

Relatives and friends of Mrs. Hugh Updike were greatly shocked and grieved Saturday, September 14th to hear that she had died very suddenly while undergoing an operation for the removal of her tonsils at the Newcastle hospital.

Mrs. Updike was a former resident of Lusk and was a sister of Mrs. Charles Updike of this city.

Funeral services were held in Newcastle, Tuesday afternoon and it is understood that burial was made in the cemetery at that place.

Among those from Lusk attending the service Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Updike, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Updike, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Updike, Bennie, Claude and Dorothy Updike.

More details and the obituary will appear in next week's Herald.

The Lusk Herald
September 26, 1929
Mrs. Hugh Updike Is Laid to Rest Saturday

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Updike, wife of Hugh Updike of Osage, Wyo., passed away following an operation for tonsils at a Hot Springs hospital, Saturday, September 14th, 1929.

Mrs. Updike had not been sick prior to the operation, therefore her death came as a shock to her relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Updike left Lusk about fifteen years ago, having formerly resided on a ranch north of town.

Burial was made in the Newcastle cemetary Tuesday of last week.

Mary Elizabeth Roberts

Born: September 18, 1883 at Florence, Kansas.

Died: September 14, 1929, at Hot Springs, South Dakota.

She was united to First Methodist church of Florence, Kansas, in 1900, and was transferred to Hutchinson, Kansas, of which church she was a member at the time of her death. She was married to Hugh Updike at Marion, Kansas, on April 1, 1903. To this union seven children were born, three dying in infancy. Those living are Walter, Wallace, N. S. Eugene and Ralph.

She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, Hugh Updike, and four sons, Walter, Wallace, N.S., and Ralph, all of Osage, Wyoming; two brothers: George R. Roberts of Marion, Kansas; Chas. N. Roberts of Las Animas, Colorado, and one sister, Mrs. Chas. Updike of Lusk, Wyoming.

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