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Henry John Metzger

(03/27/1880 - 12/23/1929)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/26/1929


While logging on the divide just south of Glen, Neb., out from Harrison, Neb., last Monday, Henry Metzger, son-in-law of Rev. and Mrs. D. J. Clark of Niobrara county, was killed when the tractor he was driving overturned, crushing him to death beneath the heavy machine. His skull was crushed so badly that he died almost instantly.

From information received in Lusk, Mr. Metzger was dragging a log behind the tractor, and in going up the incline of the hill, the pull on the machine cause it to turn over, pinning Mr. Metzger beneath it.

This is the second tragic death in the Metzger family in recent years. A young son was killed when a large tent pole fell on the boy at the celebration in honor of President Coolidge at the government farm, near Ardmore, over two years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Metzger have lived on the divide south of Glen, Neb., for the past year. Mrs. Metzger was formerly Miss Edna Clark, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. D. J. Clark, old and highly esteemed citizens of Niobrara county. Rev. and Mrs. Clark formerly lived in Harrison, where Rev. Clark was pastor of the Methodist church.

The Lusk Herald January 9,1930


The death of Henry John Metzger, son-in-law of Rev. D.J. Clark of Niobrara County, as published in the Crawford Tribune:

The community was shocked on Monday, December 16, to learn of the tragic death of Mr. Henry Metzger, which occurred on his place southwest of Glen, Mr. Metzger was near the home getting logs out of the canyon with his tractor. In some manner the tractor overturned, its weight crushing him in such a manner as to cause his death. The accident occurred about 3 o'clock. He was working in the woods alone, but was not close to the house. Mrs. Metzger did not hear the tractor running and so went to investigate and found her husband crushed under the machine.

Henry John Metzger was born in Wittenburg, Germany, March 27th, 1880. He came with his parents to America when he was about none months old. The family settled six miles from Tecumseh, Nebraska, where he grew to manhood. He came west in 1906 and took up a homestead southwest of Glen. He was married the same year to Miss Edna Clark.

In 1912, Mr. and Mrs. Metzger moved to a ranch four miles northeast of Lusk, Wyo., where they lived until 1921, when they moved to Edgemont, South Dakota, Mr. Metzger working in the railroad shops until May, 1928, when they moved back to the homestead, near Glen.

Mr. and Mrs. Metzger's only child, a son of 7 1/2 years, was accidentally killed in Ardmore, July 16, 1927.

Mr. Metzger was confirmed in the German Lutheran church when a boy. He was united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Andrews shortly after coming west. His membership at the time of his death was in the Church at Crawford.

He is survived by his wife; one brother, Fred Metzger of Crawford; five sisters, Mrs. Louise Phillips of Jobstown, New Jersey; Matilda Catchpole and Mrs. Emma Catchpole of Eckerley, Colorado; Mrs. Sophia Barnett of Clinton, Texas, and Mrs. Marie Bacon of Tecumseh, besides numerous other friends and relatives.

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