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James "Jim" Robert Voirol

(07/07/1924 - 11/02/1952)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/06/1952

Accidents Kill Two Men

James Robert Voirol, 28, owner and operator of the Voirol Drug of Lance Creek, was killed Sunday morning at 9:13 when his auto left the road five-tenths of a mile north of the junction of secondary roads in the field.

Voirol was traveling alone south and his car failed to make the curve, and rolled 162 feet as it went into the ditch. Highway Patrolman M. S. Jordan, who investigated, said he believed the car nosed over once and then rolled sideways. Time of the accident was determined by when Voirol's watch stopped.

No one saw the accident, but Voirol was thrown clear as the car was demolished. His body lay a short distance from the car. Both shoes were thrown off by the impact. One was found, still completely laced and the other never was found.

W. D. Cecil, who works for the Rocket Drilling Co. was the first at the scene and immediately got the help of Walt Kant and Owen Harness. Harness said he thought he could feel a slight pulse when he arrived at the scene, but if so the man died shortly later.

Voirol had stopped at the Moore Bros. ranch about 8:00 and said he had been to Newcastle. He ate breakfast there and then left for Lance Creek.

He came to Lance Creek in 1950 buying the drug store from Jack McFarlane. The store will now be closed until details of the estate can be settled.

The body was shipped Monday to Monroeville, Ind. the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Voirol. It is understood that a sister and two brothers also survive. One brother is serving in Korea, and another is on the
farm there. Catholic funeral services are to be held in Monroeville Saturday.

Mr. Voirol was born July 7, 1924 in Monroeville, Ind.

Note: The other accident referred to in the headline involved Homer Bowers, whose information is included in a separate obituary in this data base.

Lance Creek Section
November 6, 1952

Field Saddened By Jim Voirol Death

The people of this commmunity were shocked and saddened by the car accident that resulted in the death of Jim Voirol about 9:30 Sunday morning. Jim's home was in Monroeville, Ind. He came to Wheatland, Wyo. a few years ago and worked as a pharmacist in the Straw Pharmacy of that town. Two years ago the third of this month he bought the Lance Creek Drug Store from the Jack McFarlanes and has served this community as pharmacist for that length of time. Jim had a host of friends in Lance Creek and was active in all the activities of the community. The people of Lance Creek extend their heartfelt sympathy to the family. The body was shipped to Monroeville, Ind. for burial.

Lusk Free Lance
November 6, 1952
Lance Creek Druggist meets Death in Car Accident Sunday Morning; High Speed Causes Machine to Miss Curve

James Robert Voirol, 28-year-old druggist was instantly killed shortly after 9 o'clock last Sunday morning about one-half mile north of the junction at Gateway camp in the oil field, when the 1949 Ford fordor he was driving missed a curve and went careening off the traffic lane into the borrow pit.

Voirol was driving towards the Gateway camp from the east, and according to State Highway Patrolman M. S. Jordan who investigated, must have been traveling at a high rate of speed. The car was found to have traveled 414 feet after it left the hard surface, and in its wild course rolled over three times, coming to a stop on its wheels.

The driver apparently was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled over, and was caught underneath the machine as it made its final roll. His body was found only a few feet from the car by W. D. Cecil, employee of the Rocket Drilling company, who was first to come upon the accident scene. He went to the camp to get help and notify authorities here, leaving Owen Harness and Walter Kant, who followed him to the wreck site, to guard the site.

The Peet ambulance answered the call along with Patrolman Jordan, the former bringing the remains of the victim to Lusk. Examination revealed that the young man suffered a broken neck and crushed chest. The body was prepared for shipment by the Peet mortuary, and Tuesday was expressed to the Marquardt mortuary in Monroeville, Ind., Voirol's former home, where burial was to have taken place.

The victim is survived by his parents, Clarence and Celeste Voirol, of Monroeville. He was an only child, and a Veteran of World War II. He came to Lance Creek two years ago when he purchased the drug business there from Jack McFarlane. Voirol was 28 years, 2 months and 25 days of age at the time he met death. His was the 145th highway fatality for Wyoming this year, and within ten of the full 1951 highway death list of 155.

Lance Creek Section
Lusk Free Lance
November 6, 1952
Lance Creek Shocked by Death of Jim Voirol, Druggist

The Field was shocked by the sudden death of Jim Voirol, who was our druggist in Lance Creek for the past two years. Jim was returning from the east end of the field, where he had had breakfast with friends at eight o'clock. He had left shortly afterward for home when he apparently lost control of his car. The vehicle slid sideways down the road for 100 feet at least before rolling over several times and came to a stop in the borrow pit on a curve.

A tool pusher, returning from Gateway, first came upon the accident. He had gone to Kant's Service station, from the east end and had passed the spot where the accident occurred at 8:30 a.m., and upon returning he found the wrecked care and Jim. It is said that Jim's watch had stopped at 19 minutes 'til 9.

The popular young druggist had come to Lance Creek two years ago, Nov. 3rd, from Wheatland where he had been employed at the Straw Pharmacy. He was 28 years old, and was of the Catholic faith. The remains were shipped from Lusk on Monday morning to Monroeville, Ind., which was his home. Jim leaves a host of friends in Lance Creek, who will greatly miss him.

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