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Ruth Brewer

(08/23/1899 - 06/04/1976)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 06/17/1976

Ruth Brewer Dies June 4

Clarence Schnurr recently attended the funeral of Ruth E. Brewer in Cheyenne. Mrs. Brewer was the daughter of Oscar and Ida Ward and was born in Harrison August 23, 1899.

Oscar Ward was a former sheriff of Sioux County and village marshal of Harrison. He built the dwelling located north of the Sioux County Museum, and Mrs. Ward was manager of the telephone company when it was owned by Mr. Warner. Ruth was one of the telephone operators. The telephone company was sold to Northwestern Bell and in 1917 the family moved to Casper, Wyo., where Ruth continued to work as a telephone operator.

She was married to Frank E. Brewer in 1919 and they lived in Casper, Aruba, South America, and in Cheyenne where she still resided. She died June 4 and is survived by her sister, Ethel Schluter of Denver, and by Herbert Olney Ward, her brother, of Casper.

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