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Pfc. Keith B. Crofutt

(11/30/1922 - 12/20/1944)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 11/30/1943

Thon Book 4
Pfc. Keith B. Crofutt Killed in Leyte Battle

Pfc. Keith B. Crofutt was killed in action on Leyte December 20, according to a message received by his brothers and sisters here Monday from the Adjutant General.

He answered his country's call in April 1943, and took his basic training at Ft. Riley, Kansas. He got home on a furlough in September of that year and was shipped out to the Pacific theatre in October, going to Australia, participating in the New Guinea campaign, and then working on north with the American forces.

He was born at Hat Creek, November 30, 1922, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crofutt. The parents, as well as a sister, were fatally burned when the ranch home was destroyed by fire in May of 1938. After that an older sister, Mildred Crofutt Bryant, was mainly responsible for rearing the family.

Surviving besides her are another brother in the service, Gerald Crofutt, now in Italy; Lawrence, of Lusk; Enis, Iris, Glenn and Lola of Hat Creek. The latter two children are 13 and 10, respectively.

Keith attended the Hat Creek School and graduated from Lusk High School in 1940, after which he worked on the home ranch and for other ranchers until the time of his induction.

The Lusk Herald
March 8, 1945
Keith Crofutt Killed in Battle Front Accident at Ormoc

Mrs. Mildred Bryant this week received details of the death of her brother, Pfc. Keith B. Crofutt, from Capt. John E. Cooley, of the Service Troop 12th Cavalry on Leyte.

Capt. Cooley said, "Keith met his death due to one of the unfortunate misadventures of war. During an air drop of supplies to the regiment, while it was surrounded by the enemy in Ormoc Valley, Leyte, PI, he was struck by a falling box and killed instantly. His body was buried on the spot, but when time permits, his body will be moved to one of the U.S. cemeteries on the island."

Capt. Cooley also said, "The death of your brother was a terrible loss to our Troop and all of his comrades. His passing has left a vacancy in the hearts of the members of this Troop that cannot be filled."

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