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Loy McMaster

(11/30/-0001 - 02/06/1953)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/26/1953

McMasters Fly to Calif. To Brother's Funeral

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McMaster returned to Lusk the end of the week after having been called to Bakersfield, Calif., by the death of Loy McMaster, a brother of Andrew.

The latter, a man of 50, was an engineer on the Santa Fe Railroad and died of a heart attack, Feb. 6. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday, Feb. 11 by the Masonic Lodge of Bakersfield.

Survivors include the widow, who is a cousin of Walt Disney, two daughters of Bakersfield, one brother, Andrew McMaster and two sisters, Mrs. William White, Puyallup, Wash., and Mrs. Richard Lange, Alliance, Nebr.

The McMasters experiended much inconvenience and difficulty both on their trip to Calif., and return. They planned to take a plane from Casper but were delayed in getting away from there because of weather conditions. Then before reaching Salt Lake one of the motors on the plane went dead but they reached the airport safely and changed planes. By the time they arrived in Los Angeles something had again gone wrong with their plane and they were forced to change planes a second time.

On the return trip they accompanied a nephew and his wife, who had attended the funeral, to their home in Seattle. Flying back to Denver they were grounded there, so took a bus to Cheyenne where they were snowbound until Saturday.

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