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Linnie E. Buffington

(05/12/1852 - 05/02/1920)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 05/05/1920

At Rest

Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The following was published in the Lost Spring Times.

After three weeks of patient suffering the final end in this world's adventure came to Mrs. Linnie E. Buffington, at her home in Lost Spring, at nine o'clock Sunday morning.

Mrs. Buffington was a pioneer woman of Wisconsin and has had a wide experience both in social and business affairs. She was a member of, and active worker in the Eastern Star. She has also been an active worker in church affairs for nearly fifty years. She was the type of woman that is not content with just her domestic work therefore she constantly helped her husband in his various lines of business.

Her very presence made you feel at home regardless of how far you were from your intimate friends. Mr. and Mrs. Buffington came to Wyoming just to administer their parental feeling to their children who had come here before them.

Mrs. Buffington, formerly, Miss Linnie E. Makepeace, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Makepeace, was born May 12, 1852 at Moscow, Iowa Co., Wisconsin. She was married to Mr. Henry C. Buffington, a Civil War veteran and school teacher, later a newspaper man, in April 1871. They lived there for several years, then moved to Logan, Kansas, where they lived for twenty or more years, then as before said they came to Lost Spring.

Mrs. Buffington is survived by her husband, her aged mother who is now ninety years old and lives in Mica, Washington, and five children - one child, Leland, having died at the age of eighteen months. The children are: Mrs. Winifred Baker, Leslie, Clarence, Arthur, and Mabel Buffington.

Mabel and Arthur are both single and have nearly always stayed at home. Mabel is doing so at present altho she is the cashier of the local bank.

The funeral services were held Tuesday morning at Prairie View church. The Reverend Dr. Shepherd of Douglas had charge of services. Owing to the fact no Masonic chapter was near the Masons had to be content with the office of conducting their sister to her final resting place without their usual ceremony.

Wife and Mother Gone
And who can measure what it takes from the home! That faithful patient wife and mother whose hand was always administering to the wants of all, bearing all the trials of life without a murmer, endeavoring to make home bright and cheerful under all circumstances.

And she has gone. The death angel came and touched that tired form and God took her from her suffering. We may not know all at once how great is our loss. Days, weeks, months, and years will continue to remind us of the works of her hand, and we will learn more and more as time passes, the answer to the question, "What is home without a Mother."

We cannot see beyond this life to a full realization of that life beyond, but we know our loved one was good and true and worthy of that haven of rest to the faithful, and we cherish the belief that God is caring for her, and that sometime we will see her again, and in this thought heaven and earth do not seem so far apart.

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