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Blanche Goddard

(11/30/1882 - 10/01/1912)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 10/10/1912

Blanche Green Goddard

The following articles, printed in the Lusk Herald, are courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

Mrs. Daniel E. Goddard, Jr. was a native of Houston, Texas, and came to Wyoming about four years ago and taught at the Bonsell school and endeared herself to all who knew her by her gentle, loving disposition. Here young Dan met, wooed and won her, and three years ago they made the trip to her old southern home where she plighted her troth to her husband in the presence of her immediate relatives. After a delightful honeymoon in the south they returned to Wyoming and took up the responsibilities of married life on the ranch 25 miles north of Lusk.

This community was greatly shocked by her death which occurred last week after giving birth prematurely to a little son. Dan has the sympathy of a large host of friends in his irreparable loss. Beside the baby, a son one and one half years old survives the mother.

The funeral took place last Thursday from St. George's Episcopal church, the officiating pastor being the Rev. Alex Corbett, the interment being made in Lusk cemetery.

The Lusk Herald
October 3, 1912

A sad thing happened Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. Dan Goddard passed away in giving birth to a baby boy. Dan had come to town in the morning for a load of supplies and about 1:30 in the afternoon he received a phone message to come at once and bring a doctor; he and Dr. Maghy left immediately but when they arrived at the ranch Mrs. Goddard was unconscious with absolutely no pulse, and although the doctor used every means known to medical science to revive her, it was in vain; the baby is alive and well. The funeral took place this afternoon and a large number of sympathizing friends were present.

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