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Albert Lund

(11/30/-0001 - 08/30/1953)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/03/1953

Brother of Carl Lund Dies Suddenly, Denver

A brother of Carl Lund, manager of the Lusk exchange of the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co., died suddenly in Denver Sunday morning of a heart attack. He was Albert Lund, just two years younger than Carl.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lund had gone to Denver last week to visit him and with him went on a trip into the mountains. They had returned when the attack came.

Unmarried, the brother had lived with the men's mother and taken care of her through a long illness until her death in June. One other younger brother lives in California.

Funeral services were held in Denver Tuesday afternoon with burial there. It is not known how soon Mr. Lund will be able to return to his work here.

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