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Hannah Elizabeth Wintermote

(06/13/1921 - 12/11/1953)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/06/1953

Joyce Wintermote Dies Of Accidental Burns

Note: Although the name Joyce is used in this article, this data base is using Hannah Elizabeth. This is the name used in the cemetery records and several family member obituaries. According to "Family Search", the husband's name was Joyce Leonard Wintermote. He is buried next to Hannah, born 9/30/1902, and died 1/18/1974.

Mrs. Joyce Wintermote, 32, of Torrington, died Saturday morning, Dec. 12, in Denver after being critically burned in a kerosene explosion at her home Nov. 11.

The Wintermote family moved from Lusk to Torrington a few years ago. The accident happened when Mrs. Wintermote was starting a fire in the kitchen range and used kerosene to hasten the blaze. One side of her body was severly burned.

The burned woman's daughter, Ida, age 12, was outside the house getting wood for the stove when the explosion occurred. She rushed to the house and helped her mother get outside where a passerby helped extinguish Mrs. Wintermote's burning clothing.

After being hospitalized in Torrington for a time she was taken to the Colorado General Hospital at Denver. Little hope for her recovery was held from the time of the accident.

Besides her husband, J. L. Wintermote, and daughter, Ida, she is survived by her mother, Mrs. Ida Peterson, all of Torrington, and a number of brothers and sisters of Lusk and Lance Creek and surrounding vicinity.

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