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Irvin J. Demmon

(02/23/1869 - 10/02/1900)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 10/10/1900

The following, courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project, was published in the Converse County Herald.

This community was shocked on Tuesday when it was announced that Irvin J. Demmon had passed to the great beyond on the evening of that day just as the sun had sunk beneath the western horizon, although it was not unexpected. It was some five or six weeks ago Mr. Demmon was taken to his bed with typhoid fever and although medical skill was engaged it was seen from the start to be of a malignant form and of the worst type. Several times he had sinking spells, but rallied again, and for four weeks battled the grim reaper, but finally had to surrender. Deceased was born in Cheyenne February 23, 1869, and was therefore 31 years of age. He leaves behind a wife, two small children, a father, mother, several brothers and sisters to mourn his departure. The funeral will take place this afternoon from the Congregational church, conducted by Rev. Nellor, after which the remains will be consigned to the cemetery on yonder hll which he, as sexton, fitted up so well last spring. May he repose in peace.

Converse County Herald
October 11, 1900

Kindly permit us, the relatives of Irvin J. Demmon, lately deceased, to thank through your paper the gentlemen of the order of Odd Fellows for their kind care and attention given him while on his bed of sickness, and again their brotherly care of the remains after death, taking full charge of everything as they did. We can only say may their brother lodgmen be as generously kind to them as they were to this brother. And the Royal Neighbors were there with their aid and kindness, doing that which only a woman can do to alleviate the cares and furnish the comforts of a grief-stricken family. For which accept our heartfelt thanks.

Converse County Herald
October 18, 1900

In the card of thanks notice last week regarding the late Irvin Demmon the attention and kindness shown by the Modern Woodmen lodge was unintentionally overlooked and not mentioned, but their services were appreciated just the same by the relatives of deceased.

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