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David L. Fagan

(03/09/1917 - 01/10/1941)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 01/16/1941

David L. Fagan, Local Youth, Takes Life in Laramie Hotel Friday; Body Brought Here; Services on Monday

David L. Fagan, well known local youth, and son of Mrs. Josephine W. Fagan, director of welfare in Niobrara county, was found dead in a Laramie hotel last Friday evening, January 10th, victim of an overdose of morphine. The lad, leaving a note in which he said he felt himself a social misfit and that he was tired of being a burden on relatives, had taken his life in the early hours of that day, presumably shortly after he had gone to his room at 1:00 o'clock a.m. Dave was 23 years, 9 months and one day of age at the time of his act.

Young Fagan, with his brother, Tom, had registered for enrollment at the University of Wyoming this fall, and had returned to the institution following the holiday vacation. He left here in apparently best of spirits and his act was a surprise to everyone who knew him.

For several months, since suffering an injury to his left arm in an automobile accident in the fall of 1939, he had been taking a prescribed portion of morphine for relief from extreme pain to which he was subjected at times, and realizing the deadly effects of an overdose, he chose this method to end his life.

The state pathologist's report, submitted to Albany County Coroner C. Shannon Monday, showed that young Fagan's death resulted from morphine poisoning, although the estimated amount of the dose taken was not revealed.

David's remains were brought to this city last Saturday evening, and lay in state in the family home on Main street, from where last rites were conducted at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. Rev. Millard H. Marshall, pastor of the Congregational church of Lusk, officiated.

Two mixed quartette selections, "Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love," and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" were offered by Mrs. Edna DeCastro, Mrs. Opal Templeton, O.P. Harnagel and J.M. Hungate. A solo number, "Crossing the Bar," also was sung by Mrs. Templeton. Miss Alice Fowler accompanied at the piano.

The remains of the deceased were laid at rest in the Lusk cemetery, casket bearers being George Lorenzen, Charles "Bud" McCarthy, Donald DeGroot, David Carroll, Mike Kilmer, Chad DeCastro, Dale Fernau and Don Vickory. George Earl Peet of the Peet Funeral Home had charge of arrangements.

David L. Fagan
David L. Fagan was born at Tonspah, Nev., April 9, 1917, the son of Thomas M. and Josephine Warren Fagan. In 1918 the family moved to Lusk, Wyo., and since then his home has been here. His entire school career was spent in the Lusk public schools, from which he was graduated in the year 1935. At the beginning of 1941, he enrolled at the University of Wyoming. He departed this life on January 10, 1941.

Those who mourn his passing are his mother, twin sister, Margaret Eleanor, another sister Jane Warner; two brothers, Thomas John and James Wells, besides a host of friends, who knew him as a charitable friend.

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