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Corporal Anthony "Tony" Foster Rosson

(07/08/1915 - 09/14/1945)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/18/1945

Cpl. Anthony Rosson Killed in Philippines

The news of the death of Cpl. Anthony Foster Rosson, September 14, on Luzon, the Philippine Islands, was received Saturday, October 14, by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rosson of Lusk. A telegram from the War Department informed them that Cpl. Rosson had been killed in a motor vehicle accident, the nature of which was not stated.

The telegram contained no other details, and no further information has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Rosson.

Cpl. Rosson, who at the time of his death was 30 years old, had been serving in the Philippines since January of 1944. Besides Luzon, he had been stationed at ... several other places whose names were not learned by his parents.

Cpl. Rosson had been in the Army for three and a half years. His mother collapsed on hearing the news and was confined to the Spencer Hospital, when she was able to be taken to her home.

The Lusk Herald
May 30, 1946
Mrs. Rosson Gets Letters About Son's Army Death

Mrs. Anna L. Rosson has a number of treasured letters, including one signed by Douglas MacArthur, regarding the death of her son, Corporal Anthony F. Rosson, September 14, last year.

Captain Charles O. LeBaron wrote that "Tony died as a result of a motorcycle accident. He was driving to Manila, and due to a stiff leg, he was unable to slow down for traffic. Attempting to pass a truck against oncoming traffic, he grazed the truck and was thrown into the path of an approaching vehicle. When witnesses reached his body, they found that he was dead."

Other letters explained that his death was in line of duty, and that he was given Christian burial with full military honors, and now lied in the United States Army Cemetery at Santa Barbara, Luzon, Phlippine Islands.

General MacArthur's letter stated: "You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your son, Corporal Anthony F. Rosson. His Loyalty and devotion to duty reflected the highest credit to himself and to our beloved country."

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