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Citney Allen

(07/14/1848 - 07/07/1899)
Courtesy of Converse County Herald, 07/13/1889


Citney, daughter of Joseph and Mary A. Mickey, was born in Louisa county, Iowa, July 14, 1848. She was married to Newton B. Allen December 12, 1867. They moved to western Iowa in 1873, where they resided until 1886, when they moved to Manville, Wyoming, where they have since resided. She leaves a husband and two children - a son and daughter - besides a mother, brother and five sisters to mourn the loss of one who had been so kind and affectionate. She suffered patiently the afflictions of the past seven years, waiting for release, which came in death last Friday morning, July 7th. This dear sister was converted at about the age of 16 years. She united with the Methodist Episcopal church about 25 years ago, since which time she has been one of the strong ties of the church to which she belonged. In Manville she has been one among the faithful, although she has been afflicted and unable to do the active work of the church, her presence has been a benediction to our congregations; but her spirit takes its flight to be with God, and we must say good-bye.

I saw her in the coffin and her husband by her side,
He who had sought her first pure love, and won her for his bride;
The mark of sadness on his cheek, his hand upon her brow.
But brow, and cheek and ruby lip were cold as marble now.
I knew his heart was desolate, that earthly joy had fled,
As in mute agony he stood beside the peaceful dead;
And I knew life's path was darkened - knew that the silent tomb
Would throw a shadow, deep an dark, o'er all his years to come.

I saw her in her coffin, and her two children's cry
Thrilled painfully on every heart, brought tears in every eye;
One daughter, 16 years, 10 months, the son 21 years old,
O'er whom a mother's heart had poured its wealth of love untold;
We're left in this cold world of ours without that holy love,
To shield in years to come and guide to heaven above.
Dear son and daughter, so early motherless,
God shield and love you well, and by your sainted mother's side, Bring you at last to dwell.

I saw her in her coffin, and her sister stood around,
While tears, which wring in shedding, Told of the heart's cruel wound.
It could not be, it could not be, that one she loved so well,
Had passed so silently from earth, without one last farewell.
They grew together side by side, through girlhood's happy years,
And shared each others' joys and griefs, each others' hopes and fears.
Oh! bitter was that parting hour, yet 'mid the tears was given;
The rainbow hope that she might meet her sisters, all, in heaven.

We knew the spirit freed from clay had gained the spirit land,
And that her bright attendants were a shining seraph band.
That angel voices welcomed her to their high home of rest,
And safely moored her fragile bark, 'mid island of the blest.
The Savior's melting tones of love stole on her ravished ear,
With him she'd ever dwell above and by his side be near.
We knew that with the happy band she evermore would dwell,
And tearfully, though trustfully, we breathed our sad farewell.

J.W. Taylor, Pastor
July 11, 1899

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