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Lillie Saffell

(09/02/1876 - 10/15/1936)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/15/1936

Mrs. Saffell Died at Douglas Today; Ill Only a Few Days

Lusk friends were sincerely grieved today (Thursday) when word was telephoned here that Mrs. Lillie Saffell had passed away at the Douglas hospital about 10 o'clock this forenoon.

Mrs. Saffell has not been well for the past year but was able to do her work up until about three weeks ago when she became worse and went to Douglas to be with her daughter, Mrs. George Brooks, and she has gradually been failing since that time and a few days ago was taken to the hospital.

Her sister, Mrs. Hope Montague, came up by bus yesterday from Lingle and was taken to Douglas by Mrs. Richard Marsh and they were with her when the end came.

Mrs. Saffell was truly a Wyoming daughter, having been born in Cheyenne 60 years ago, the second of last month, one of the eldest of a family of 13 children. When still a small girl she moved with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Demmon to a site nine miles south of the town of Lusk and it became known as the Silver Spring ranch. This was before there was any town started here and Mr. Demmon hired a teacher to teach the older children and this was the first school in this part of the territory of Wyoming.

Lillie Demmon was married to George Saffell, September 10, 1896, in Lusk. Mr. Saffell was also a member of a pioneer family of Wyoming and preceded his wife in death, having passed away at his home here August 24th, 1934.

Two children were born to this union, Mrs. Mary Saffell Brooks of Douglas, and Harold Saffell of Afton, Wyoming.

Funeral arrangements have not been made as yet, but the services will be held in Lusk and interment will be made in the cemetery here.

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