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Larry "Buck" Dean Mangus

(04/29/1935 - 12/02/2010)
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Larry Dean "Buck" Mangus passed away at Banner Churchill Community Hospital on Dec 2, 2010. Buck was born on Apr 29, 1935 in Salina, Kansas to Preston Y. and Margaret E. (Goatley) Mangus. He attended schools in California and Wyoming and graduated from high school in Glenrock, Wyoming in 1953. Buck was a true cowboy. He loved cattle, horses and dogs. Feeding livestock was for him a pleasure not a chore and he worked on several ranches and feedlots in Wyoming in his younger days. When not working on ranches, he worked as a roughneck in the oilfields. In 1975 Buck went to work as a horse wrangler for the BLM Adopt-a-Horse program in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Buck was promoted to manager of the corrals in 1976. While working for the BLM Buck met the love of his life, Sandy Tennant. In 1981, Buck and Sandy moved to Fallon, NV to be near his parents. In 1987 he returned to work for the BLM wild horse program in Palomino Valley, NV where he worked until his retirement in 1993. Buck was a devoted son, loving husband and father, and will be greatly missed by his family.

Buck was preceded in death by his parents, Preston and Margaret Mangus; grandparents, Emma and Jess Goatley, brother, Gene Mangus, 2 Aunts, and 4 cousins.

He is survived by his wife, Sandy, of Fallon, NV; children, J.C.Mangus of Casper, WY; daughters, Sandi (Bob) Chitwood of Houston, TX; Kim (Mike) Toliver of Rapid City, SD; grandson, T.J. Ayres of Newcastle, WY, and cousins, Dan (Sharon) Mangus of Glenrock, WY; Marcene Ray of Bakersfield, CA, and Melvyn (Beverly) James of Casper, WY.

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