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Everette Warren Brooks

(05/28/1925 - 01/04/1943)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/07/1943

Warren Brooks Is Killed in Texas

Word was received in Lusk about noon on Monday, Jan. 4th, telling of the tragic death of Everette Warren Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Everette Brooks of Lusk, at Borger, Texas. Although details concerning the accident are incomplete at this time, it is understood that young Brooks was electrocuted when the winch on the winch truck in which he was riding, came in contact with a high-tension wire, killing him instantly.

Warren, as he was known to his schoolmates and friends in this community, was born and reared in Niobrara county. He attended school at Dry Creek and then became a student in the Lusk high school, having graduated last year. While in school he played football, was a member of the boxing team, and belonged to the F. F. A. He was seventeen years of age at the time of his accidental death.

Shortly after graduation, Warren left for Texas and has been employed for some time by the Goodrich Rubber Co. at Borger.

Less than a month ago, young Brooks was married to Miss Lora Mae Burke of Amarillo, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks had never met their son's wife and were looking forward toward becoming acquainted with her in the near future.

According to word received here uncle of the deceased, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks left Lusk Monday evening, expecting to drive thru without delay to the Texas city. Another son, Dean, did not accompany his parents.

According to word received here today, funeral services will be conducted in Lusk, probably Saturday or Sunday. The remains will arrive at Orin Friday morning.

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