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Melissa A. Saffell

(11/30/-0001 - 07/01/1892)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/07/1892

Death of Mrs. Saffell

The reaper Death has again laid his palsying hand on one in this community and went soaring away with its prey as does the eagle. Mrs. S. H. Saffell, who has been very sick for several weeks, peacefully passed away at 10:45 o'clock Friday night in the 49th year of her age. She leaves a husband and eight children to mourn over the departure of a dutiful and obedient wife and a fond and affectionate mother. The burial took place at the homestead, three miles south of Lusk last Sunday, and a very large concourse of friends and mourners witnessed the lowering of the remains into the grave, dug by the side of her little son, which she requested should be before passing away. THE HERALD joins the many friends of the family in extending to them its sympathy in their sorrow.

(contributed) A dear friend has gone with her bloom from the sight of human eyes. Yes, one that made it springtime to our hearts is seen no more. We have loved the light of many a smile that has faded from us now, and in our hearts the sweet voice lingers that is now hushed in the silence of death. A set is vacant in an earthly home which never can be filled. A loved one has gone. Our hearts are left desolate and we are lonely without her; she has passed with her love to that land from whose bourne no traveler returns. Memory turns with a lingering regret to call those smiles and the loved tone of that dear familiar voice. In fancy she is with us still, but her home is on a brighter shore; she visits us in our dreams - floating on our memory like shadows on moonlit waters; when the heart is weary with anguish and burdened with grief, will she not come and whisper words of comfort and hope? Yes, sweet memory brings them to us and the love we bore her, lifts the heart from earthly aspirations. We then crave to meet her in that better land; we feel sad because she is gone from us; but while we weep and wonder, she is wrapped in garments of light singing songs of celestial joy. She will return to us no more but we can go to her. Shadows fall upon her no more nor is her life ruffled with anxious care; a noble soul has departed; a quiet and peaceful community has been called upon to sacrifice one of earth's dearest friends. There is a crushing sorrow smothering within fond hearts. To our eyes it will be strange to see her face no more; our ears will fail to hear the words she never more will speak. We become attached to friends and the drifting scenes of life carried them away from us; the time comes when these friendly ties must be severed; the never dying hope with which her life was blessed will still find its resting place within our breast and death will still go on unconquered. For death of friends, for the loss of those in whom all dearest affection were centered, there is no solace. When we hear the last farewell of those we love on earth, then it is that the heart knows its full bitterness of desolation.

(Written by a friend, Mrs. J.M.S.)
Farewell, dear patient friend,
The stricken friend you loved so well
Shall hold your memory ever dear,
And oft your gentle virtues tell.

Sleep till the resurrection more,
Frail body racked no more with pain;
Earth's loss is heaven's eternal gain
Though tears will oft bedew thy grave.

Our thoughts ascending to the sky,
Shall lift us upward to the one
Who waits for us with watchful eye.

Card of Thanks
S.H. Saffell and family wish to express their thanks to the people of Lusk and to those in the vicinity of their home for the many acts of kindness rendered to them during their late bereavement.

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