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Leonard Sedgwick

(05/02/1875 - 07/09/1913)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 07/19/1913

Leonard Sedgwick Dead

This was first published in the Jireh Record.

Leonard Sedgwick of Dale, Wyoming, died ten days ago in a hospital in Cheyenne, following an operation for appendicitis.

Mr. Sedgwick was the owner of a large ranch and had extensive stock interests in the extreme north-east portion of Niobrara county and was held in the highest esteem by all who came in contact with him in a business or social way.

The funeral was held from the Elk's Home in Cheyenne and was largely attended.

The deceased is survived by a widow and one child; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sedgwick of Grover, Colo; and a brother, John Sedgwick of Newcastle, Wyo.

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