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John Sedgwick

(05/13/1841 - 04/05/1918)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 04/05/1918

Wyoming State Tribune
Cheyenne, Wyoming
April 5, 1918
John Sedgwick Dies at Grover

John Sedgwick of Grover, Colorado, aged about 75, died at his home last night of ailments brought on old age. Clyde Early will bring the body to Cheyenne and the funeral will probably be held from the Elks home here.

The deceased is widely known in Cheyenne having been among the prominent sheep and cattlemen of this district for many years. He was a pioneer in the Grover district and had done much in the development of that part of the county. He was a native of Scotland.

Wyoming State Tribune
Cheyenne, Wyoming
April 8, 1918
John Sedgwick To Be Buried Tuesday

Funeral services for John Sedgwick, who died Friday at Grover, Colorado, will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Elks' home, Cheyenne. Burial will be in Lakeview cemetery. Services were held at Grover at 11 a.m. today, following which the body was brought to Cheyenne.

Wyoming State Tribune
Cheyenne, Wyoming
April 9, 1918
John Sedgwick Is Buried in Lakeview

The last rites over the body of John Sedgwick were said this afternoon at the Elks home, and the body was then laid to rest in Lakeview Cemetery. J.T. Speer, exalted ruler of the local lodge, read the Elk service with other officers and members participating in the ritualistic service. Rev. S. A. Huston read the Episcopal service. A feature of the floral offerings was a large Elk emblem. Mr. Sedgwick died last Friday at Grover, Colo., and the body was brought to Cheyenne last night following a short service at Grover.

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