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Joshua McPheren Lincoln

(01/26/1881 - 05/21/1932)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/26/1932


Well-Known Niobrara County Man Succumbs Following Truck Accident near Newcastle; Funeral Held Here Monday, With Interment in the Jireh Cemetery

Joshua Lincoln, well known in Niobrara county, succumbed on Saturday, May 21, at Newcastle, from injuries received on the Wednesday before, when the truck he was driving collided with a State Highway truck, about 12 miles south of Newcastle.

Lincoln was hauling posts from Newcastle for Joe Kuhn of Lusk. The highway truck had just crossed a bridge and as Mr. Lincoln came over a hill and endeavored to pass the truck and make the bridge, the trucks side-swiped with such force as to throw Mr. Lincoln from his seat.

He was rushed to Newcastle where it was found he had suffered a fractured skull, severe bruises and cuts about the face. He died Saturday afternoon without gaining consciousness.

The trucks were only slightly damaged and as Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn were in Newcastle when the accident happened they drove the Lincoln truck to Lusk late that night.

Mr. Lincoln had only one arm, but he was a good driver and has hauled coal from the Shawnee mines all winter.

George Earl Peet went to Newcastle and brought the remains home. Funeral services were held in the Congregational Church of Lusk Monday morning at 10 o'clock, with Rev. Irwin officiating. Burial was made in the cemetery at Jireh.

Joshua McPherson Lincoln was born on January 26, 1881, on a farm in Evans county, Iowa. There he grew up and at the age of 21 moved to Kansas. On the 14th of May, 1902, he was married to Miss May Orten, at Jerome, Kansas. It was while working there as an engineer for a steam tractor that he lost his arm.

In 1922 he settled in Jireh, taking charge of a garage there. Later he moved to a farm near Keeline. He is survived by his widow and seven children - Leonard, Russell, Floyd, Fanny, Virgil, James and William. One child, Larena, preceded him in death.

Note:The spelling of Joshua's middle name is based on his mother's maiden name, and is McPheren, as verified by the family.

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Photo used with permission from photographer Chuck James.

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