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Earl Howard York

(09/09/1922 - 11/07/2000)
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Earl Howard York was born September 9, 1922 in Shawnee, Wyoming; the son of John and Verna (Thompson) York. He was reared and educated in Shawnee. When Earl was a little over a year old, the family left for Anderson, Missouri by covered wagon. They stayed near Anderson until 1930 when they returned to Shawnee by train.

Mr. York married Clara Hublein in Douglas, Wyoming. Later they were divorced. On April 25, 1956 he married Dorthy McBirney in Casper, Wyoming.

He was a section hand for CNW Railroad and plant operator at the Flat Top Gas Plant. He worked for Converse County Road and Bridge for 28 years from June 1, 1967 to October 15, 1995 when he retired.

Mr. York was survived by his wife, Dorthy of Shawnee; children Bob York, Donald York and Donna York, all of Douglas; Waldon York and Wayne York, both of Lusk, Wyoming; sister Grace Wintermote of Douglas; brother Donald York of Douglas; grandchildren Karen York of Douglas, James York of Aurora, Illinois; Stacy Domingues of Torrington, Wyoming; Rory York of Ramah, Colorado; Jennifer Meyer of Leslie, Missouri; John York and Michaela York of Lusk, Wyoming; Cheston York, Corrine York and Jessica York, all of Douglas and seven great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, daughter Shirley Lazure and granddaughter Sara York.

Information was obtained from his obituary.

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Photo courtesy of photographer David Ewing, Burial is in Douglas Park Cemetery, Douglas, Converse County, Wyoming

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