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Kitty Hansen

(01/19/1917 - 07/08/2014)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/23/2014

Kitty Browder Hansen, R.N., died on July 8 following a long illness at her home in Centennial, Colorado. She was 97 years old.

Services were held on July 17 at the Horan & McConaty Mortuary, 1091 S. Colorado Blvd., in Denver, and the Fort Logan Cemetery, prior to burial.

While living in Lusk for many years, Mrs. Hansen served as the administrator and director of nursing at the Spencer Hospital, owned by the late Walter E. Reckling, her first husband.

After Dr. Reckling's death in 1964, she and her young children moved to Colorado to be nearer to family members. She continued to work as a nurse at different locations in the area. Sometime later, she met Lloyd Hansen, a former resident of Rock Springs, who became her second husband. The couple and her children then moved to Littleton, which was renamed Centennial at a later time.

Mrs. Hansen preceded his wife in death a number of years ago, as did her parents, Jefferson and Caldona Browder, who lived near Craig, Colorado where she and her older siblings were growing up.

Among her nieces and nephews who preceded Mrs. Hansen in death was Dr. Walter E. Reckling, Jr., the first-born son of "Doc" Reckling and Jean Browder Reckling, a nurse whom he met as a young intern working at Mercy Hospital in Denver.

Survivors of Mrs. Hansen are her children: Candace, Rhett and Jeff Reckling and Scarlett Nohr; grandchildren: Beiecke, Trinity and Matthew; great-grandchildren: Trenton, Jasper and Jaiden. Other survivors of Mrs. Hansen are Dr. Frederick Reckling of Fort Collins and Velma Jean Bales of Laramie, brother and sister of Dr. Walter E. Reckling, Jr., a native of Lusk whom Niobrarans may remember by his nickname, "Bill."

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