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Sonia Jean Thoman

(09/18/1963 - 02/04/2015)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/11/2015

Sonia Jean (Ross) Thoman, 51, passed away Wed., February 4, 1915, at Shepherd of the Valley Care Center in Casper, Wyo. Graveside services are pending. A full obituary will be printed at a later date.

Pier Funeral Home is assisting with the arrangements.

The Lusk Herald
February 25, 2015
Sonia Jean Ross Thoman

Sonia Jean Ross Thoman, 51, passed away February 4, 2015, at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming.

Sonia was born September 18, 1963, in Casper, the first child of Riley and Sandra Mayhan Ross of Lance Creek, WY. She attended early elementary years at Cow Creek School and graduated from eighth grade at Lance Creek Elementary, before completing her education at Niobrara High School.

Her brother Rola remembers their childhood together with pleasure.

"We used to run around barefoot all day long, and at night Mom had to pull out all the cactus stickers. Our feet were like shoe leather."

"She loved to ride horse back, and she was a heck of a horseman. We used to trail cows for ol' Gene West every time he wanted to move them."

Among his favorite memories with his sister were the family elk hunting trips in Jackson Hole on Pacific Creek. Ten to fifteen families used to spend the two week camp out together.

"We had a lot of good times," he said. "They were always glad when Dad arrived, because he had the biggest barrel for a 'white man's fire'."

When she was too small to open gates, she crawled across the bars of the auto gate and taught her horse Socks to navigate it as well. After that, they were never able to keep their horses in the pasture.

Her first year in 4-H, she had a bum lamb project. Snowball mastered the art of opening gates. At the county fair, Snowball and Blackie escaped, and adults searching for a rope to catch the lambs. Sonia merely called them by name and they followed her obediently back to their pen.

Sometimes her dominant left hand caused consternation. Steve Peterson helped her prepare her lambs for show and carding and trimming were a challenge for a right-handed teacher and a left-handed student.

Her sister Selena commented, "She loved the ranch, especially horses, and we brought in all kinds of critters in the nursing home to visit her."

She was injured in a car accident December 1994, which left her a paraplegic until her death. She resided in Shepard of the Valley Nursing Home in Paradise Valley near Casper for most of the succeeding years since that time.

Though her body no longer cooperated, her quick mind remained as active as ever. Her electric blue eyes sparkled with mischief and delight as she played internet games assisted by the facility CNAs, who stopped by whenever they had a chance. She enjoyed social networking on Facebook and loved visits from friends and childhood neighbors.

She is survived by three children, two sons: Kasey Rising (Michelle) of Casper, Wyoming; Jhad Thoman of Cabos, Mexico; and one daughter Kaylyn Thoman and one granddaughter, both of Gatesville, Texas.

Also surviving are her mother, Sandy Ross of Lance Creek; one brother, Rola Ross of Manville; one sister, Selena Ross of Lance Creek; two nephews, Tim and Riley Ross of Manville, and one niece, Shira Ross of Lance Creek.

Sonia was preceded in death by her father, Riley Ross; grandfather, Roscoe Ross; and grandmother, Wilma Jassman.

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