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Shirley Smith

(05/29/1929 - 06/19/2015)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/01/2015

Shirley Lincoln Smith was born in Jireh, Wyoming in May of 1929. She was raised on a farm by her parents Aaron and Helen Lincoln and had 2 sisters and 3 brothers. She is survived by her four children Debbie, Gary, Tammy and Kevin and, nine grandchildren and 10 great grand children and her two sisters Betty and Linda. Shirley was raised Baptist and then later attended a non-denominational Christian church.

Shirley was strong and fiercely independent. She was a single mom who raised her four kids. That in and of itself says volumes about the type of woman Shirley was.

To provide for her children she worked as a bookkeeper and then for the last 25 years of her career she worked in customer service at Joslin's which is where she retired.

Shirley was a survivor and did what she had to do to take care of business. Yet, even though she endured many hard times, she was a giver and had a very big heart. She was kind and always sending cards and gifts to others and thinking about others.

Shirley was a country girl and loved her home state of Wyoming. If you knew Shirley you knew she had a strong affinity for chickens and roosters. She had a collection of them all over her house. In fact, her great grandson Parker who visited her just a short time ago commented to his mom at they were leaving her house, "Grandma Shirley sure does like her chickens."

Because she was a country girl she had a fond affection for country music, a simpler life, chickens and roosters, and, of course cowboys.

The other thing you need to know about Shirley is that she loved the color red, which maybe is representative of her self admitted ornery side. When she got her new license plates recently the first three letters were SST and Shirley stated with a twinkle is her eye that it stood for Shirley Smith Tyrant.

Included in this big-hearted country girl was also a girl you did not want to cross.

In addition, Shirley did not take herself too seriously. She had a collection of wigs that she wore to compensate for her thinning hair and one time while out with a friend to lunch a gust of wind appeared out of no where and it sent her wig sailing towards Wadsworth with Shirley and her friend chasing after it. She loved to tell that story and crack herself up reliving the image of her friend and she chasing the wig as it sailed away.

Interment was at the Lusk Cemetery, Lusk, Wyoming, June 29.

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