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Niles Edward Wilson Barr

(06/30/1917 - 11/22/1925)
Courtesy of, 11/26/1925

The Lost Springs Times
Nov 26, 1925

Nyal Wilson, the small boy whom Mr. Chas. Barr adopted some months ago, met with a fatal accident last Saturday when he fell from the hay mow of the barn out at the Barr ranch, and received injuries which caused his death the next day. The fall was not from a great height, but the boy probably fell on his head so as to render him unconscious, a state in which he remained until death came on Sunday morning. Nyal was 8 years, 4 months old his parents are neither one living; two uncles were the only relatives in attendance at the funeral which was conducted from Prairie View church on Tuesday at 1 o'clock, Rev. Powell of Orin Junction preaching the sermon. Music was furnished by the people of Prairie View community and interment made in Prairie View cemetery. The Barrs have the sympathy of the entire community in this their bereavement, for although Nyal had been with them only a few months he had won a place in the family and will be greatly missed by all of them.

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