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Caroline H. Davis

(03/15/1860 - 07/08/1927)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/14/1927


Sister and Niece of Geo. B. Saffel of Lusk Are Victims of Tragedy

One of the saddest tragedies in Wyoming was enacted in the little town of Dayton, near Sheridan, Wyo., at about 6:30 last Thursday evening, when Mrs. Thomas Davis, 65, and Mrs. Wesley Stuevie, 27, mother and daughter, were burned to death in an explosion of gasoline, which partially wrecked the home.

Mrs. Davis is a sister of George B. Saffell of Lusk, and Mrs. Stuevie is his niece. Upon hearing of the tragedy, Mr. Saffell left at once for Sheridan, and after attending the funeral, returned to Lusk Wednesday night.

Mrs. Stuevie had been ironing in the kitchen of her home and the air was hot from an overheated range. When Mrs. Davis came to visit her daughter, she opened the outside door to enter the house, and it is supposed that the draught of fresh air caused the explosion of a gallon can of gasoline which was setting near the stove. The force of the explosion blew Mrs. Davis out into the yard with her clothing ablaze. Mrs. Stuevie was horribly burned in the fire which swept the kitchen.

Both were rushed to the Sheridan Memorial Hospital, but Mrs. Davis died at 1:15 o'clock Friday morning and Mrs. Stuevie succumbed at 9:05 o'clock the same morning.

Mr. Davis and Mrs. Stuevie reached home a few minutes after the explosion and did what they could to extinguish the blazing clothing. Both were badly burned in trying to save their wives from the flames. Mr. Davis, who is 75 years old, is said to be in a serious condition.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis have been residents of Dayton for the past 36 years and were widely known throughout northern Wyoming. Mrs. Davis was born in Nashville, Tenn., on March 15, 1860. She is survived by her husband, three daughters, four sons and 20 grandchildren. Her five brothers are George Saffell of Lusk; Riley of Cutbank, Mont.; Jim Saffell of Billings, Mont.; Ed Saffell of Grand Junction, Colo., and Pete Saffell. Mrs. Stuevie leaves her husband, one son, 7 years old, three sisters and four brothers.

A double funeral was held from the family home in Dayton on Sunday afternoon. Dr. L. B. Wood, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating.

There were so many friends and relatives attending the funeral that it was necessary to hold the services on the lawn of the family home at Dayton, practically the entire community attending.

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