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Dwight F. Ilsley

(05/04/1919 - 06/22/1944)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/09/1948

Remains of Judge Ilsley Son Located in French Cemetery

Lusk friends of Judge and Mrs. Harry P. Ilsley will be interested to know that after four years of uncertainty the mystery of the death of their son, Dwight Ilsley, has been sufficiently cleared up to convince the military officials and the young Lieutenant's family that his remains were in a grave in France marked X-30 Unknown.

The following account was contained in part in the Sept. 2 issue of Newcastle News Letter:

Lieutenant Dwight F. Ilsley was a P-38 fighter pilot attached to the 434th fighter squadron of the 8th United States Army Air Force and was reported missing in action during the invasion of France June 22,1944.

The American Graves Registration Service recovered Unknown X-30 from the Laffaux Communal Cemetery, seven miles northeast of Soisons, France.

The Memorial Division of the office of the Quartermaster General U. S. A. produced sufficient evidence to convince that office and the families of Dwight that Unknown X-30 was First Lieutenant Dwight F. Ilsley. His grave is now properly marked in the United States Military Cemetery in Champigneul, France.

Lieutenant Ilsley left surviving him, his wife, Meryle McAvoy Ilsley, and daughter Suzanne; his father and mother, Judge and Mrs. Ilsley, and his brothers, John and Bob.

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