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Harry William Garney

(09/02/1874 - 08/05/1944)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/10/1944


Harry W. Garney, 70 years of age, and old-time resident of Wyoming, took his own life at about noon last Saturday, by drowning in the Municipal Swimming pool.

Mr. Garney, who had been in poor health for several years with cancer in an incurable form, went to the pool during the noon hour. Paul Doman who was in charge, and had just opened the doors, told him he could not go swimming, but Mr. Garney pushed past the boy and went inside.

He made the remark that it was a very hot day, took off his hat and coat, walked to the edge of the pool and jumped in.

Paul Doman, who was supplying as life guard, ran to the light plant and got his father, George Doman, to help him, but when he arrived back and Garney was dragged out of the pool he was beyond help.

Dr. Reckling was called and after an examination pronounced him dead.

Mr. Garney was for many years superintendent of the Argo Oil Co. at Mule Creek, and because of his wide influence and the interest he took in advancing the community, he was known far and wide as the "Mayor of Mule Creek."

A few years ago when Cornelius Vanderbilt visited Lusk, He went to the Ranger Hotel and with an air of much importance wrote on the register, "Cornelius Vanderbilt, New York City." Garney, who was about to register, also wrote under Vanderbilt's name, "Harry W. Garney, Mayor of Mule Creek."


Harry William Garney was born in Belfast, Ireland on September 2, 1874, and would would have been 70 years old this coming September. When 11 years old he left home and worked his way to America as a cabin boy. He first came to Wyoming in 1885 and after following various lines of work he was engaged by the Argo Oil Co. at Midwest in 1916 and came to the Mule Creek field as superintendent for the company in 1916. He was married, but he and his wife were divorced several years ago and he leaves no children.

In 1937 he was terribly burned in an explosion at the Mule Creek filed, which left his face and body badly scarred. Contracting cancer in a malignant form added to his physical discomfort., and he has spent the past several years in a vain effort to effect a cure.

Garney was a man of strong opinions and had many warm and sincere friends who will regret to learn of his untimely death, but who realize that when life had become an unbearable burden will not censure him for his act.

Father Miller of St. Leo's Catholic Church officiated at services at the Peet Mortuary at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. In a brief sermon, Father Miller paid a tribute to the life and character of the deceased.

Music at the service was furnished by Mrs. Cecil Stark and Miss Marialyce Barrett, with Mrs. J.P. Watson at the instrument.

Active pallbearers were D. A. Shoopman, Wesley Neal, Sharon Chamberlain, James Hoblit, George Miller and Mike Cordell. Honorary pallbearers were Frank. A. Barrett, Roy Chamberlain, H.J. Templeton, James Donoghue, B.J. Dull and J.B. Griffith.

Interment was made in the Lusk Cemetery with Catholic commitment services by Father Miller.

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