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Children Brady

(11/30/-0001 - 09/05/1892)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/08/1892

Children Buried Under Sod Roof

A sad and distressing accident occurred at the he John Norton place one mile south of Lusk, last Monday. About two weeks ago M.H. Brady, with his wife and three children moved into the place where they intended residing for some time. Last Monday about five o'clock Mrs. D. B. Carpenter, who lives about a quarter of a mile from the Norton place, was attracted by a woman's cries, and looking over at her neighbor's house, saw Mrs. Brady out in the road screaming for help and wringing her hands. Clouds of smoke were seen rising from the house and Mrs. Carpenter thought it was on fire, but on arriving found it oh so much worse. It was a log house with a dirt roof and a partition in it had given away which let the roof in on the floor and went crushing through into the cellar and the three dear little girls were buried beneath the heavy mass. Mrs. Brady dug down over the ruins and grabbed up her ten-month-old babe, but the other two, aged five and six, could not be seen, although the mother heard one of them calling to her to come and take her out when the accident occurred, Soon as the news reached town, men on horseback and in wagons rushed to the scene and commenced digging the dirt away. It did not take long to learn the awful tale for when about six inches of dirt had been removed there the two were found, close together but clothed in death. The father was out in the country at the time at work and it is thought had he been at home, two of the children could have been saved instead of one. The poor mother is stricken with grief and it is a shock from which she will not soon recover.

The two little girls were laid to rest in one grave in the Lusk burying ground.

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