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Helen Giinther

(11/30/-0001 - 06/27/1937)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/08/1937

Funeral Services to Be Held in Lusk For Mrs. Ernest Giinther, Killed in Alaska Auto Accident

Funeral services for Mrs. Ernest Giinther of Fairbanks, Alaska , will be held in Lusk either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the arrival of the boat at Seattle with the remains.

Mrs. Giinther, who will be remembered here as Helen Hubbard, was killed in an auto accident more than a week ago as she, in company with three other Fairbanks ladies, were returning from a cabin owned by the Giinthers on some lakes, where a vacation trip had been enjoyed. From the brief details received by Mrs. Alfred Johnson, who is a cousin of Mrs. Giinther, it appears that the ladies met a truck on a narrow road and that some protruding planks crashed in through the windshield of the car, instantly killing Mrs. Giinther, who was driving, and it is understood that the other occupants of the car were not seriously injured.

Mr. Giinther and their 13-year-old son are bringing the body back to Lusk for burial, but as The Herald goes to press, the boat has not yet arrived in Seattle, and definite arrangements cannot be made until a telegram is received from that city. However, when they arrive from Crawford, Neb., relatives from here will meet them there and services will be held in Lusk from St. George's Episcopal Church.

Mrs. Giinther is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hubbard and grew to young lady-hood in Lusk, where her parents resided on a ranch north of town. She graduated from the Lusk High School with the class of '23 and was married here to Ernest Giinther. They moved to Alaska about ten years ago and have not been back since that time.

Relatives in Lusk are Mrs. Alfred Johnson, a cousin; Mrs. Julia Roy, an aunt; and Mrs. Leslie McCarthy a sister-in-law. Other relatives who are coming for the funeral are Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Giinther of Borger, Texas, Mrs. and Mrs. George Giinther of Casper and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Deetjen of Hays, Kansas.

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