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Henry Oluf Larsen

(01/18/1908 - 07/17/1932)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/21/1932

Henry Larsen Loses Life When Bronc Runs Thru Gate and Falls On Rider

Son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Larson (Larsen)Killed at Ranch Sunday Afternoon

Henry Oluf Larsen, 24 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Larsen, who reside on the Larsen ranch between Lusk and Manville, was instantly killed lase Sunday afternoon, when a bronc which he was breaking stampeded and ran into a wire gate on the ranch, crushing the young man to death.

Willie, his 12-year-old brother, was riding with Henry at the time, and the young lad made a vain effort to stop the running bronc, by riding alongside and grabbing the bridle reins. The young lad was unable to stop the runaway horse, and let loose of the bridle just before the bronc crashed into the gate.

The horse hit the gate, turning a somersault, falling on Henry. Large gashes were found in his legs, and his side had been crushed in, where the saddle horn probably struck him in the fall. The base of his skull was also crushed in, and he undoubtedly met an instant death.

As soon as he saw that he could be of no aid to his brother, Billy rode back to the ranch as fast as his horse would go and notified his father. W.C. Thurow and Mr. Larson (Larsen) went at once to the scene of the accident and brought the lifeless body of the young man to the Larson (Larsen)home. Dr. J.T. Hanna was called but on arrival pronounced the body lifeless, and said death had apparently been instantaneous.

Henry Oluf Larson (Larsen) was the next to the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Larsen. He was born on January 18, 1908, at Fremont, Neb., and when but three months of age came with his parents to Niobrara County, settling on the Larson (Larsen) place, between Lusk and Manville.

He was christened in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Fremont, but never united with any church. He was educated in the schools of Niobrara county, and was known as a hard-working lad, who spent most of his time at the Larsen ranch. He was highly respected by all who knew him, and his untimely death is genuinely mourned by the many friends of the Larsen family.

Deceased is survived by his parents, two brothers, Ernest and Willie; six sisters,--Mrs. Kiever of Midwest, Mrs. Elizabeth Fosher of Manville, Mrs. Catherine Merigard of Keeline, and Mary, Rosa and Nellie, who are at home. Also his grandmother, Mrs. Anderson, who makes her home with the Larsens.

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