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Martin Eugene Freeman

(1850 - 01/29/1923)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald-Standard, 02/01/1925



Son Has Intuition That Father Has Passed to Great Beyond and Goes to Home; Dog Brings Neighbor

Martin Eugene Freeman, 71, employed at the time of his demise as caretaker of property belonging to the Hawkeye Oil company at its holdings north of Mule creek, was found dead in his cabin Tuesday morning by a fellow worker and many hours, probably after death had actually ensued.

Mr. Freeman, quite well known to a number of Niobrara county people, was, as is stated above employed as caretaker of certain property owned by the Hawkeye Oil company, the position being one that he, crippled because of the loss of the right limb, could well fill and he lived in one of the small shanties on the property, located less than a quarter of a mile from the other in the camp.

On Saturday, last, he was seen by members of the colony as he went his usual rounds. Tuesday morning, one of those in the camp found a dog, of which the old gentleman had been exceedingly fond an which made its home at the caretaker's cabin, caught in a trap which had been set near a carcass some little distance from the camp. Knowing that this injury to the dog would sorely grieve Mr. Freeman, who had always cared for the pet, the owner of the trap went to the shanty to explain the manner in which the dog had been caught. Arriving at the cabin he was unable to get reply to repeated calls and opened the door and stepped in, finding the man dead.

 County Coroner Dr. M.L. Morris of this city was notified as soon as possible and he, together with the undertaker G.J. Armstrong went at one to the scene.

Examination of the the body, already in an advanced stage of decomposition, showed plainly that the end had come quietly and that the direct cause was, no doubt, the advanced age of the deceased.


The body was brought to Lusk by the authorities and placed in the mortuary of the Austin, Elquest, Slack company for in this city, where it was prepared for the burial tomorrow (Friday) in the Lusk cemetery.


Surviving the deceased are two sons residing in this section, Earl Freeman  who lives on a ranch on Old Woman creek, and Ray Freeman, who is employed in the oil field near Casper. Tuesday morning Earl Freeman had, it is said, an intuition that his father had passed away. With nothing more than this upon which to base his conviction he saddled his favorite horse and started across county to the oil camp where the parent had made his home where he found just what had appeared to him in the presentment, he arriving there but about an hour before the coroner and undertaker.

Mr. Freeman was born in New York state, For several years her had resided in Niobrara county and during this time he had formed many warm friendships. the funeral will be held upon the arrival of the some from Casper, according to present plans, Friday morning.

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