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Charles Elmer Crofutt

(07/26/1895 - 05/26/1938)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/02/1938


The tragedy of last week, in which little Lois Crofutt, 9 was burned to death when the Crofutt ranch home was destroyed by fire and the father and mother terribly burned, resulted in more tragedy when the mother, Edith Mary Crofutt, 43 passed away at the Lusk hospital last Wednesday evening, May 25th from the effects of her burns and the father Charles Crofutt, 42 died the following evening, pneumonia having developed from the effects of inhaling quantity of smoke while trying to rescue his wife.

Funeral services for all three victims were conducted from the Congregational church in Lusk on Saturday afternoon, with Rev. Jenkins officiating.

Music was furnished by a quartet composed of Mrs. H. J. Templeton, Mrs. Abdon DeCastro, J.M. Hungate and F.B. Kuns, with Mrs. J.P. Watson presiding at the piano.

The little daughter was buried with her mother and the pall-bearers were Dan Hanson, George Story, Lloyd Younkin, John Anstice, Harry Wampler and Albert DeGering.

The pall bearers for Mr. Crofutt were Max Heth, Pat Miller, Ben Seikert, Wilbur Wampler, Albert Olinger and Ray Freeman.

The Peet Mortuary were in charge of the arrangements and burial was made in the Lusk cemetery.

Complete obituary will be published next week.

May 30, 1968 - 30 Years Ago

Charles Crofutt

June 2, 1938

Charles Crofutt died last Thursday from the results of burns received when their ranch home 26 miles northeast of Lusk was completely destroyed by fire last Wednesday morning. His nine year old daughter, Lois was burned to death and his wife, Mary Crofutt died late Wednesday evening.

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