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Gerald Crofutt

(02/19/1919 - 07/29/1986)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/13/1986

Gerald Crofutt

Graveside services for Gerald Crofutt, 67, were held Aug. 1, 1986 in Sacramento, CA. He died July 29, 1986 in a Sacramento hospital.

Crofutt was born Feb. 19, 1919 near Hat Creek to Charles and Edith (Lineback) Crofutt. He attended school near there and graduated from Lusk High School in 1938.

He volunteered for the Army Air Corps in 1942, serving in the European Theater for four years. After his discharge, he returned to Lusk and worked for a time at the Independent Refinery. He moved to Cody, WY where he married Alberta May, later moving to California.

In 1964, he married Marjorie Cezek. The following year he went to work for the California Highway Patrol. After retiring, he lived briefly in Denver, CO and married Mary Taylor while there.

Crofutt is survived by a step-daughter, Dawn Deroisier, two granddaughters, Stephanie and Michelle, three sisters, Mildred Bryant, Riverton, Lola Leonard, Douglas, and Iris Baughn, Torrington; three brothers, Lawrence of Lusk, Enis of Marbleton, and Glen of Wickenburg, AZ.

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