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Arnold DeBock

(11/30/-0001 - 06/22/1967)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 06/29/1967

Arnold DeBock Dies in Wash.

Mrs. Frances Hourt and Mrs. Rose Houx received word Thursday morning that their brother, Arnold DeBock, 57, had died in his sleep at his home near Moses Lake, Wash.

Among survivors are his wife, Ruby, a daughter, Carolyn; three step sons; one brother Ed DeBock of Alliance, Neb.; and five sisters, Rose and Frances of Harrison, Sister David Marie of Omaha, Mrs. Grace Valencia of Rodonda Beach, Calif., and Mrs. Florence Stetson of Boulder, Colo.

Mrs. Houx and Sister David Marie went to Moses Lake by plane from Scottsbluff on Friday Funeral services were at Moses Lake on Monday.

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