Success of the Raise Community Capital Program

Niobrara County Library Foundation Reaches $250,000 Fundraising Goal

The Niobrara County Library Foundation, Inc. has reached its goal of raising $250,000 as part of the Partnership to Raise Community Capital program, a challenge grant program funded by The Kresge Foundation in partnership with the Wyoming Community Foundation.

The Wyoming Community Foundation is one of six community foundations nationally to participate in this program. The goal of this one-to-three match grant program is to develop permanent endowment assets, which will provide income for Wyoming non-profits in perpetuity.

In 2002, Niobrara County Library Foundation, Inc. and 20 other non-profit organizations in Wyoming were selected to participate. While raising endowment funds, the non-profits have received operating monies and technical support from the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Each organization had to reach its fund raising goal by January 1, 2005. According to Leslie Hammond, Chairman, the NCL Foundation met their goal as of December 20, 2004. The NCL Foundation, Inc., has received $83,333 to match the $250,000 raised. “Meeting this challenge will keep the foundation right on track for meeting its long-term endowment goal of 1.5 million,” said Leslie. “Endowment was established in 2000 with the intent of providing stable income to the Niobrara County Library. On behalf of the Niobrara County Library Foundation we extend our thanks not only to the community but to those outside of our borders who support this project.”