Property Details

222 S Main

Block: 5
Lot: 11
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOT 11

This was the site of the Quality Shop and The Paw Shop.

John Barnes had a law office in this location

George Kuns and Harry Victory had a Barber Shop

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank
04/07/1896 - Gamble, Robert J. Warranty Deed
06/13/1896 - Sanders, Merrell Warranty Deed
05/06/1899 - Demmon, Orson J. Warranty Deed
07/29/1914 - Baldwin, Nina Warranty Deed
07/12/1917 - Milburn, Willard H. Warranty Deed John Barnes Law Office & George Kuns & Harry Victory - Barber Shop
07/31/1936 - Quality Shop Johnson, Agnes Warranty Deed
12/15/1981 - Clothing Store Leno, Victor, et ux Exec. Deed
07/06/1989 - The Paw Shop Fogel, Dennis, et ux Warranty Deed antiques
10/28/2006 - Denny Realty Denny, Lee R., et ux Warranty Deed

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