Property Details

224 S Main

Block: 5
Lot: 12
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOT 12

This lot housed The Lusk Herald and Office Products and Printing as well as This 'n' That. The Chamber of Commerce was located in the N part of this building when owned by Bloomers.

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank S.
07/23/1906 - Demmon, O. J. Warranty Deed
08/20/1910 - Forsythe, G. C. Warranty Deed
07/03/1923 - Hassed, William Deed
12/19/1925 - Hartwell, H. B. Warranty Deed
06/21/1927 - Johnston, Adam E. Warranty Deed
04/23/1928 - Keifer, S. H. Warranty Deed
02/09/1937 - The Lusk Herald Griffith, Nellie G. Warranty Deed newspaper
02/07/1956 - The Lusk Herald Griffith, James B., et ux Decree
04/01/1980 - The Lusk Herald Warranty Deed
11/08/1983 - Fernau, Walter C, et al Warranty Deed
09/30/1985 - The Lusk Herald Eikenberry, Robert L., et ux Quit Claim Deed Office Products & Printing
09/03/1996 - Advertising Promotions Warranty Deed
03/14/2006 - Bloomers Bloomers LLC Warranty Deed flowers & gifts, Chamber Office N Side

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