Property Details

206 S Main

Block: 5
Lot: 3
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOT 3

This lot housed the Coffee Shop in 1968 and a Cafe in 1995 and Buck's Cafe in 10/23/2009.

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank S.
07/19/1886 - Western Town Lot Co. Warranty Deed
09/17/1887 - Pioneer Townsite Co. Quit Claim Deed
03/12/1890 - Benj Hellman Deed
07/18/1890 - Greentree, Isaac Warranty Deed
04/02/1895 - Lusk, Cornelia M. Warranty Deed
08/30/1902 - Howard, Harry D., et ux
04/21/1904 - Milburn, Louis Warranty Deed
09/16/1910 - H. C. Snyder & Co. Warranty Deed
05/24/1924 - Berry, L. S. & Gina Warranty Deed
08/14/1929 - Service Station The Texas Co. Warranty Deed
08/23/1978 - Service Station Davies, Doyle et ux Warranty Deed
10/21/1996 - Service Station Sides, Jay Randolph, et ux Quit Claim Deed
01/30/1998 - Service Station Bartow, Earnest E., et ux Warranty Deed
10/23/2009 - Buck's Café Buchanan, Martha Quit Claim Deed
10/27/2009 - Enterprises, K. W. LLC Warranty Deed
09/17/2012 - Lickety Stitch Quilt Shop Wisseman, David M., Trustee Quit Claim Deed

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