Property Details

212 S Main

Block: 5
Lot: 6
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOT 6

There was a furniture store in this location in 1904.

The Westerner was operated by Thomas C. Neilson in 1943 with saddles and leather.

Neilson to James Shillenn and Nick Kaan for the Montgomery Ward Store

The Coast-to-Coast Store used this space for storage from 1994.

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank S.
09/17/1887 - Pioneer Townsite Co. Quit Claim Deed
07/21/1904 - Jones, Edward G. Warranty Deed
10/15/1904 - Furniture Store Grant, Theron S. Warranty Deed
01/11/1909 - Mayes, Elizabeth Warranty Deed
08/16/1910 - Howe, George H. Warranty Deed
01/08/1919 - Fogelson, Samuel M. Warranty Deed
04/24/1931 - Berry, Lyle S. & Gina Warranty Deed
09/18/1943 - The Western Neilson, Thomas C., et ux Warranty Deed Neilson to James Shillenn & Nick Kaan (1/12/1950) Saddle & Leather Shop then Montgomery Ward Store
04/09/1949 - Custer Lodge No. 21 100F Warranty Deed
03/09/1994 - Coast to Coast storage Allbright, Harold et ux Warranty Deed
01/03/2000 - Schroeder, Richard D., et ux Warranty Deed
05/01/2000 - Sagebrush Flower Shop West, Michel Gene Warranty Deed

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