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Owner: Lorenzen, John B.

Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook:

Texaco FIRE-CHIEF gasoline may be good to the last drop, alright, but it is that "last drop" that Dave Lorenzen didn't have, as he and some of the crew at THE HIGHWAY SUPER-SERVICE STATION "ease" his jalopy that "last mile" to the pumps.

Beyond the camera's eye is the BEE-LINE building, where specialized mechanical work is done by Vic Senters and John Lorenzen, partners with Noal Larson who tends the really super-service station as shown here.


Historical Locations

Date Range Property Type Notes
10/11/1949 - 105 W 2nd St. Warranty Deed View Property

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Image from 1947 Lusk High School yearbook

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